The international Alpagut held in Georgia 24-25 June, 2015

//The international Alpagut held in Georgia 24-25 June, 2015

The international Alpagut held in Georgia 24-25 June, 2015

11403226_934612969918542_1690013231619336124_nThe World Alpagut Federation held international tournament for 2nd open black Sea Cup in 24-25 of June 2015 at Olympic stadium in Ozurgeti, Georgia.

In 24.06.2015 according the competition program the participating teams of Iran, Georgia and Azerbaijan are located in Prima Hotel in Ureki city.

In 25.06.2015 at 12 o’clock opening ceremony held in Ozurgeti Olympic stadium. After opening ceremony the rules of competition explained the participants.

And 26.06.2015 held seminars for judges of competition. [16:43, And in 26.06.2015 held seminars for judges of competition. The seminars held by head judge of competition Kutsan Vasif Namazov..

in 27.06.2015 the competition started for the Black Sea Cup [16:50, There were 80 participants from 3 countries at competition. The sportsmen won in different weights in exciting and interesting struggle. the competition finished with memorable party.

Also need to note that, the competition was held by organizational committee which established by world Alpagut Federation and Georgia Alpagut Federation

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