1. First source word

1508183_795997047095035_1828157404_nIf  know that in the 11th century, written in Baghdad by Mahmoud  Kashgaria, (1072 – During the period with 1074), the first dictionary from the oldest Turkey, anthologies, encyclopedias and grammar, Council Lugati’t-Turetsky (Arab: ديوان لغات الترك), (Modern Turkish and Turkish dialects the dictionary, “Alpagut” the word which describes: “Alpagut” – it which attacked the head of the enemy, a hand, not the brave person, – I, 144; III 422[1]

2. The Turkish words that enriched linguists is told in the book:

“ALPAGUT” : 1. Alplıq ( the person showing knights),  2. descendant of wolves,  3. Outstanding and dear people.[2]

3.     Though many historians give to the word “Alpagut” different value but its primary sense doesn’t change.

ALP: At ancient Turkish people; means  brave, courageous, darling, powerful.

KUT (QUT):  means the Holiness (cheerful).

“Alpagut”:  ( Alpakut, Alpagu, Alpaut, Alpat, Alpata, Alp, Alpağut the forms used) alone Curt the noble knight, Saint Strong, Saint soldiers who battled for the sake of national and universal ideals means bravery.

Alp (morphology)

1964875_786895998005140_1009399361_nAlp (Ottoman: الپ, Chuvash: Ulap, Russian: Улып, by Tatar: Taken – and Altai legends and tales of the Turkish word which means Taken as a whole, or Alpagut Alpagut Knight, also called Alpavut)

Meaning and Content:  Warrior, brave man, brave, courageous, fearless, he adds meaning Khan said the Army Special Forces, as well as the need to be recognized by different names depending on where a plant that grows in the mountains slopes Alpyıldızı given name dates back to a very high attendance, with the reputation of the name is related to the loudness of the Alps

Çoro — (Those on the right side)

Yoro — (Those on the left side)

Note:  This rule has been included in the contest rules of the competition Alpagut -Turan martial art systems during the war in the right direction Coro athletes, athletes from the left direction is called Yoro.

4.     «ALPAGUT» as opportunity and rank.

1911604_676923142354194_783358002_nALPAGUT”  The first word of the Turkish Empire, which at the time of the Huns’ have been approved since been used as a rank. Uighurs in ‘Warrior’ (War) has been used in the sense of the word, the Huns in the army commander of the ‘Major’ was used as a rank corresponding to the rank of. Even as a rank ‘Alpagut’, a word about the war was ‘brave’, ‘brave’, ‘warrior’ in the sense used.

The ancient Turks, it was used as a rank; heroism, courage and strength required. ‘Alpagut’ s, branches were in a privileged position. It was necessary to have one of the nine properties. Love Pasha, the report said; as follows: 1) healthy heart, 2) weapon force, 3) mastery,4)special clothes, 5) the best summer, 6)
sword, 7) bayonet, 8) dart, 9) To have a good friend.

At seljuk period, it was the rank of princely rank. In addition; Islamic period, ‘Alpagut’ turned from Alperin, the warrior is dervish. Obeying the command of God to fight for it. There are special rules for their own battles human. Understanding the impact of the ‘Alperen to’ become ‘Alpagut» rank, the Ottoman Empire »identity which aims to dominate the world,’ stating that ‘Akinci,’ or become ‘Alperin,’ s, ‘Raiders’, the well-known.[3]


First of all Turkmens reference to the word: if you do not Turkman or Turkmen

Turkman tribes and ethnic communities Garagoyunlu Aghgoyunlu. As well as other tribes (Bayat, Afshar, Qajar .. etc.) Participated in the ethnogenesis of the Azerbaijani people. Turkic tribes, many of Turkmens name. They are not the people belonging to the Turkic peoples, as well as any other. For example: Azerbaijani Turkic speaking Turkmens in Iraq, the Azerbaijani Turkish Turkmen language is not completely different. Turkmen origin of generations of states have established so-called Aggoyunlu and Garagoyunlu states, and the states did not cover the territory of present-day Turkmenistan never land. For this reason, the Turkmen now literally started calling ethnic Azeri Turks. Referred to as Azerbaijani Turkish,Turkmen.Turks living in Syria and their language is spoken in the Azerbaijani language (Turkic) is the dialect of South Azerbaijan.

The fact is that the Turkmen (rather Turkman) name, the Turkish name is used in more than one sense. But the term may be specified in Turkey Turkish Turks and Azerbaijanis living in Iran call themselves Turks. In this case, the sub-group of Azerbaijani Turks in Iraq turkmans (language point of view) is being considered, qarapapaq, as a nomad (the word comes from the root of the Turkmens).


Over the time, the nomadic life, sedentary life, the ‘Alpagut’ s gave to own parts name’Alpagut’. Turan known Turkic world (Turkish noble, Turkish-speaking, independent and autonomous republics), called by this name has many residential areas. Precisely as a result of the Turkic tribes then converted into the Alpagut.

For example, ‘Alpagut Turkomans’ influential people in the name of the ‘State of Garagoyunlu’ emerges in. State control of the main living space Garagoyunlu ‘Hamadan was around.’ (XV. Century.) ‘Alpagutlar Turkomans’ then ‘Aggoyunlu State’ became an important positions. This is also true at the time and subsequently their places of Azerbaijan ‘has been’. For example, ‘Alpagut Oymagı’

Alpavut ( Alpagut) Oymagı 

After Collapsing Alpagut attended to Garagoyunlu, Aghgoyunlu. Alpavut oymagının emirs of the conquest, the unit played an important role in the state Akkoyunlus. Elinin annexed after the fall of Garagoyunlu oymagı Alpavut Aggoyunlu.

Alpagut oymagı later join in the state. Alpagut bought land in Shirvan and Karabakh and began to live there. Twenty-four science was annexed to Karabakh and carve it. Alpagut Karabakh, a township, there were several villages.

III. Ahmad time the ‘Ganja Region’ in the ‘Alpagut‘ was approved in the villages. Again, the records of history ‘s ‘Shirvan’ region (XVIII. Century.) ‘Alpagut Turkomans’ The people are known to have lived. Today, he is probably the Turks living in the area ‘Alpagut Turkomans’ s.

Today, it is a testament to the names of villages in the Alpaut. According to the document, prepared in 1819, the territory of Sheki khanate was divided into 9 administrative area, one of them was Alpaut town. Ağdaş Azerbaijan, Baku, Kazakh, Karabakh, as well as Alpaut districts, Alpagut, Alpavut the name of the village is now.

In Anatolia ‘ALPAGUT TURKMENS’ (Turkey them, ‘Alpagut Turkmens say’).

‘Alpagut Turkmen’ the people of the territory of the settlements ‘Azerbaijan‘ s Shirvan ‘zone. However, over time, especially (XVII. Century.) Lost in the Ottoman Empire ‘Alpagut Turkmanlar’ by some groups migrated to Anatolia ‘, or even moved to the Balkans. Many places where they gave their names. Istanbul, Istanbul, Istanbul, retired, Ankara, Kutahya, Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa and BSNL ‘s ‘Alpagut’ is known as the most populated areas. Today, except for the names of villages and towns across the island in the name of some families gəlinilməsidə is not a coincidence. The situation at different times, ‘Alpagut’ s are came to Anatolia.

Conclusion: ensklapediyası first word of the Turkic world, which is a source name, the Court Lugati’t-Turkish (Azeri: Dictionary of Turkic dialects) was recorded in the book of the more accurate. This ad is no minority or not specifically name any Turkish people, the general history of ancient Turkish soldier is the name given to a special status, rank.




10436271_757799950933179_1135811514588076779_nFor a long time, the Turkish peoples of the sports culture, the culture of war, particularly examining the internationally recognized master ‘KUTSAN’ Qualification Namazov- martial arts is one of the Turkic peoples from ancient times to the present day, with detailing and modern combat systems synthesized by setting up a martial art called him ALPAGUT. ALPAGUT (ALP: warrior, QUT, sacred, holy) as the means of the Holy Warrior.

Note: The documentation has been made at the state level, giving his name. ALLOW number 37 from 10.14.2014 of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and standardization, Metralogiya and the State Committee on Patents of 06.08.2014 No. 1575 N 2914, according to the official decision ‘battle



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