23 November An international conference was held at the Atatürk Center with the participation of the representatives of the countries that came to Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, in order to take part in the I. World Championship for the art of martial arts Alpagut Turan.

At the conference, the President of the World Alpaqut Federation, member of the National Assembly, Deputy Nizami Ceferov, 1-ci As president of the federation, Member of the National Assembly, Member of Parliament Ganire Pashayeva, Chairman of the federation, founder of Alpaqut martial art, Kutsan Vasif Namazov, also took part in the World Championship. Azerbaijan, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Germany, Russia, India, Georgia, Iran, Cameroon, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Ukraine official representatives gave speeches.

Alpagut Turan, the art of martial art, Kutsan Vasif Namazov greeted the participants of the meeting and noted that this martial art is gaining popularity and recognition in the world. . ”

The President of the World Alpagut Federation, MP of the National Assembly Nizami Ceferov reported that Alpagut martial art is also a call for blessings, perseverance and peace

“World Alpaqut Federation is the official registered international sports organization in 2014 to develop Alpaqut Turan Martial Arts. The Federation has official representative offices in more than 30 countries. Like other sports, Alpaqut martial art is developing. Today, the interest and proximity to sports in Azerbaijan is the result of our country is now hosting many important sports races. The World Championship to be held is a clear indication of this. ”

MP of the National Assembly, the president of the federation Ganire Pashayeva wished success to the Alpaqutists who will take part in the World Championships: This type of war has now spread all over the world and this is considered to be the success of the whole Turkish world, especially in Azerbaijan. I wish all athletes success and victory at the World Championship. “