Uniqueness of Alpagut

What Makes Alpagut Martial Art Unique?

Every sport carries its own distinct values, particularly martial arts, whose founders channel their expertise and abilities into these unique aspects. For this reason, Alpagut martial art distinguishes itself with its own characteristic features.

“Holy Warrior” of the Great Steppe – Alpagut

Martial Art Tradition and Philosophy

A new type of martial art, ‘Alpagut‘, was introduced by a researcher of ancient Turkic martial arts and an international sports master, Kutsan Vasif Namazov.

The combat culture of the Great Steppe

Alpagut Martial Art is a contemporary martial art form that embodies the culture of the ancient nomadic Turkic civilization from the region known as Turan, or the Great Steppe. This martial art integrates modern techniques.

The term ‘ALPAGUT,’ signifying ‘holy warrior,’ originates from ‘ALP,’ meaning ‘warrior,’ and ‘GUT,’ denoting ‘sacred’ or ‘holy’.

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